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Growing up, I didn’t really have a consistent set of friends until high school, and even then it was only two or three people. When I played games, it was almost always with my brothers; buy real cialis online canada and around the time the three of us hit adolescence, we

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started to hate each other and I stopped playing console games because the ’64 was in their room and they laid claim to it. Of my high school friends, my closest girl friend played games too, how long cialis out of system though even more casually than I did. In college, I rarely played games except Tetris or whatever Zelda title came out for the GameBoy, so I never really got into discussions about games with my college friends. When I started dating my college boyfriend, that’s when I got back into games. He introduced me to Penny Arcade, let me sit in on Halo tournaments, and we viagra for young men even traded the controller back and forth playing KOTOR and Fable. We both loved games, so the value of playing them was never in question. It was one of many interests viagra side effects congestion we shared, and it definitely brought us together in the first place. Going to PAX in 2009 really hit home for me how much I missed playing games. Being around so many people who shared my love of games (and just nerdy things in general), made me want to get back into it again. It was also where I kind of met two of my best friends. “Kind of” because I already knew them from college, but never really hung out with achat cialis them until after PAX. Now games just seem like a given in my everyday life. But then I started talking about it with my non-gaming friends. MyFriend: how is the playstation me: it’s great i’m playing the game, Uncharted, on Very Easy but it’s still kinda hard, hahaha MyFriend: i keep on seeing commercials for it on hulu so do you think the playstation is adding value to your life instead of taking time away? but you can watch tv on it right? me: it’s absolutely adding what does cialis do value why would it take away? because of games? i’ve always loved playing games; i don’t see them the same way as you guys do i limit the amount of time i play, of course, so that i get other things done and at least for this month, i don’t play unless i’ve finished my word count for the day MyFriend: that’s good i just wonder how different the mentality is for an adult to play games as opposed to a kid i mostly just get an image of my cousins glued to the screen playing their games and not emerge for days. only for food of course me: haha, lots of adults play games that convention i go to, the median age is 30s Frances: i

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wonder if some of that is backlash against parents who wouldn’t let them play when they were young me: i doubt it we’re the generation that grew up with games so they’re already a part of our lives most of the people i know who are into games played them since they were kids This conversation was so strange to me, I shared it with a friend who plays games.

I think it’s silly that she

said this: “so do you think the playstation is adding value to your life instead of taking time away? but you can watch tv on it right?”

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This makes it sound like being able to watch TV on it would be a redeeming quality that would help “[add] value to your life,” but I don’t see why watching TV should be considered any more value-adding than playing a game. Games are like TV/movies, but more interactive. If her argument against games is that they cause people to sit on their ass with a screen in front of their face for hours, then watching TV shows does the exact same thing to other people, so it doesn’t really make sense that she should think cialis pharmacy so lowly of them. There are just such negative stereotypes viagra 50 mg price cvs about people who play video games, and it kind of sucks because not all of us are like that.


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